ministry of education
education district


  • Data Collection and Correlation at School, District and National Levels.
  • Data Visualization, Story Telling and Auto Reporting.

Data Collection Scope

  • Student Registration Information
  • Student Socio-economic Information
  • Students and Teachers Attendance
  • Students Grades
  • School Staffing and Management Information(School Capacity, Teachers Qualification, Class Size...)
  • Teacher performance appraisal and qualification
  • Student Support Service Information
  • Student Behavioural and Developmental Assessment

Auto-Reporting Capacity

  • Auto-generation of student attendance report
  • Auto-generation of teacher attendance report
  • Auto-generation of enrollment report (School-level, district-level and National Level)
  • Auto-generation of students grades
  • Auto-generation of school census information
  • Auto-generation of student support services report

Research Capacity

  • Identify Factors that influence school reform outcome, student performance, school performance & district performance
  • Assess the extent of inclusive education.
  • Assess the status, growth or death of special education and influencing factors.
  • Assess the impact of student support service on student enrollment and performance.
  • Assess how teacher performance influences student grades and attendance.
  • Assess the impact of mode of delivery and class attendance on student grades
  • Assess the impact of teacher's qualification and second language ability on student performance
  • Assess the impact of economic variables on school enrollment
  • Role of student-teacher ratio in student performance and attendance